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WWI Mule, Dough Boy and dog protected with gas masks

WWI Mule, Dough Boy and dog protected with gas masks


Sponsored by the Bierhaus Foundation


f-4As part of our Grand Opening ceremony on May 31, 2013, the Indiana Military Museum was proud to unveil an exciting new exhibit: an f-4 Phantom Fighter Jet.


F-4 Phantom jets entered into service in 1960, developed for the United States Navy by McDonnell Aircraft. This aircraft played a critical role in the Vietnam war and has the distinction of being the last U.S. fighter jet to achieve Ace status in the 20th century.


Today, F-4s are rare. Since the mid-1970’s, they have been replaced by more modern aircraft such as the F-16. Our F-4 was retrieved from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.


This exhibit has been made possible by the generous support of Jayne Bierhaus and the Bierhaus Foundation in honor of Jayne’s father, Robert V. Bierhaus.






Commissioned in 1941, the USS Grayback was a Tambor-class submarine that successfully completed ten patrols during WWII. In February 27, 1944, as Grayback was patrolling near Okinawa, the vessel was attacked by multiple Japanese aircraft. The submarine, along with all the souls on board, was sunk in the cold waters of the Pacific.


The USS Grayback was one of fifty-two submarines lost in WWII. To memorialize these vessels and their brave crews, each state was assigned a Submarine Memorial for one of the boats. Indiana’s submarine is the Grayback.


In 2011, the USS Grayback memorial found a home at the Indiana Military Museum, where it was re-dedicated by veterans of all eras, including a number of submarine crews and relief crews who were on active duty from December 1, 1941 through September 1, 1945. Each year, submariners from around the state participate in a memorial to honor the crew of the USS Grayback, and all those who served on submarines during WWII.


Additional Images for the USS Grayback




Virginia “Genna” Stanley in memory of CDR. Earl Wm Stanley, USN





Sponsored by TAC Missileers and Association of Air Force Missileers





Dedicated to Lyman Eugene Lance by family, friends, classmates and former football players


DSCN7834 (1)



Sponsored Carrie Hubler in memory of Charles Hubler USN




Sponsored by Glen G Apple




  1. Do you happen to give tours of your storage building?
    On my first visit to your museum I was fortunate enough to get a quick glimpse of the vehicles you have in the building but not on display. If you do how much advance notice do I need to give? I am thinking of stopping by this memorial day weekend, May 23-25, 2015.
    Bruce Smith
    Edina, MN

  2. Thanks for finally talking about > Featured Exhibits – Indiana
    Military Museum < Loved it!

  3. How many people do you need to give a tour? We are planning on stopping on our way through on June 15, 2015 at approximately 11:am to noon?

  4. Ran across the museum today by accident, in town on other business. I must say I am very impressed with the facility. Be proud of your obvious hard work and dedication! Thank you for making this available to the public. I can’t wait to come back when we have more time.

  5. Hello and good day. Do you have an A-4 Skyhawk on display? I’m curious about taking a look, I’m working on a simulator flight module for A-4, and I thought it would be cool to see the real thing, I’m in Cincinnati. Thanks.

  6. Are you able to get in any of the vehicles

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